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/Where do I collect my order?

Where do I collect my order?

Deliveries are made 30 minutes before wake up call for each flight – 7 days per week (including public holidays). This will allow you enough time to collect your order before packing and getting ready to leave. Please ensure your phone is on so you can be contacted upon your order’s arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: The hotel is not allowed to contact you on my behalf, it’s against Emirates privacy policy. You will need to ensure you (or someone else) is available to collect your order in person at the designated meeting spot – 30 minutes before wake up call.


At the Concierge Desk at the entrance to the hotel.


B1 (basement level 1) parking garage. 

Take the lobby elevator down to level B1.

There is a locked door on the right and an open door on the left (with a parking pay station). Go out the left door, turn right and the right again. You will see an escalator around 50 m in front of you. This is the collection / meeting point.

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